Who are We at Posh|Allure Beauty And What we Stand for.

Who are We at Posh|Allure Beauty And What we Stand for.

Hey my Loves !

As most of you know, my Name is Kareema Grant, CEO & Founder of Posh|Allure Beauty. Skincare Enthusiast and Natural Skincare Mixologist ( If that's a thing ) LOL. 

Let Me first say Thank you for Coming to Our Page and our First blog post YaaaY !!

In Our Weekly Post, We will talk about EVERYTHING Beauty, Skincare and Life Style including our Gang of Luxury ingredients. Every week we will showcase an exotic ingredient that we use in our skincare productions and how you should be using them. Everything you need to know about Posh|Allure and why our products are a good fit for you. You will get a chance to discover what is REALLY in the products you're buying from us. (trust me, NOTHING but the Best) Yes, Im bragging :) 

But Let's Get Into it.

Our Goal is simple here: To fix your Acne Prone Skin, Clear those dark spots, Even your color and give you glowing soft and Nourished skin. We Provide natural, Organic products that will do the skin a lot of justice.  

Our Mission Is Simply: To Provide empowering educational service and knowledge resources dedicated to NATURAL and ORGANIC beauty.

A couple of things before we go.

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Thats it for today, It was an introduction to who we are and what we wish to accomplish from now till then. Come back Next week for The beginning of our Ingredient spotlight. 


Thank You for Tuning in.

Kareema Grant 

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