About Us – Posh|Allure Beauty

Posh|Allure Beauty is An All Natural Skincare and lifestyle brand, made with Clean ingredients you can pronounce, Skin loving oils, Plant and Botanical Extracts. Posh|Allure was founded in Brooklyn, New York by a Skincare Formulator  Kareema Grant, After struggling with severe Acne, Dry skin and discoloration. After Struggling for years trying to find the right products to suit her skin, nothing was working, or it would work for a little and come back after discontinued used. Kareema came up with a plan in motion to rid herself of bad skin as well as the Low self esteem that came with it. She then took it upon herself to research natural remedies that she has not used and try to formulate what would work for her skin.

With the knowledge she gained from years of research, Kareema decided to put her skills and knowledge to work creating and launching her own brand that she believes all women, men and teenagers should experience, Good Luxury Skincare. Skincare should be EFFECTIVE, gentle, easy to use, affordable and LUXURIOUS which is what we base of off.

We believe all Skin are unique and deserve the care it deserves. We cater to All genders, skin type etc.

It will work for you because we have tested, had trial and errors before launching. We tested on all skin type and and gender that triggered IMMEDIATE results.