Why Posh|Allure – Posh|Allure Beauty

Why Posh|Allure Beauty?

We offer a simple, effective, completely affordable natural skincare.

All skin is designed to stay naturally healthy when it is properly balanced. In order to do this, we must protect the acid mantle of our skin, a very fine, protective layer on its surface that keeps moisture in and harmful bacteria out.  When the acid mantle is disturbed by harsh skincare products, problems can occur like excessive oiliness or dryness.  When you use gentle, nourishing products the acid mantle is intact, and your skin stays clear, soft, and supple.  

Throughout our collection we use oils very similar to skin’s natural sebum and are easily and deeply absorbed.

 Our blends are  great for all skin types and offer nourishing, protective support to combat skin conditions including: 






Oily skin 


Why Waterless?

You might be surprised to learn that most beauty products contain up to 80% water as their main ingredient. Our entire range is waterless. Here’s why…..

No need for preservatives

In waterless skincare the need for harsh chemical preservatives, such as parabens, is eliminated. The presence of water in skincare encourages bacterial growth which means the products require a plethora of chemicals and preservatives to keep them safe to use and extend their shelf life.

More concentrated formula

Removing water from the jar also frees up space for more active ingredients. Our formulations are packed with plant extracts, oils and omega-rich butters. These potent blends mean you don’t need to use a lot of product to see results.

Better for the environment

You can be assured that by using our skincare range you are doing your bit to help reduce the pressure on our Earth’s precious water reserves.

Better suitability for all skin types

Waterless products are more efficient at protecting the skin than water based products. Without preservatives and water, the risk of irritations or allergic reactions is significantly reduced.